Levels and Accessories


From Intelligent Auto Focus to wireless operation, many innovative technologies are implemented for unmatched performance and precision. The SDL1X can reduce measurement by up to 40 percent compared to manually focused digital levels! Its wireless remote trigger eliminates measurement errors caused by touching. When precision has top priority, and measurement speed matters, the SDL1X is the ideal digital level.


  • 0.2mm precision (ISO17123-2)
  • Intelligent auto focusing
  • Dual-axis tilt sensor safeguards precision
  • Onboard measurement and recording programs
  • 10,000-point memory with USB and SD card slot
  • Optional Bluetooth® wireless for connection to data collectors




The SDL30 digital level makes quick work of measuring height and distance in all types of environments—from low light to bright sunlight and artificial light. It provides unwavering accuracy in the field even in adverse environments such as tunnels, heat shimmer, and vibration. Its large internal memory, digital display, and simple operation ensure fast and accurate measurements.


  • High accuracy under adverse lighting and environments
  • Four measurement modes: single-fine, repeat-fine, average and tracking
  • Water and shock resistant
  • 2000-point internal memory
  • Li-ion power system for up to 8.5 hours of continuous operation




Sokkia brings the benefits of digital leveling to construction applications at an affordable price with the reliable, easy-to-use SDL50 Digital Level. In less than 3 seconds and with the touch of a key, height difference and distance can be measured and the result is stored in internal memory. The SDL50 minimizes human error and maximizes the ease of leveling work, allowing increased productivity and performance.


  • Adjusts height and distance simultaneously
  • Measurement is less than 3 seconds (single & repeat modes)
  • Water resistant
  • 2000-point internal memory
  • Li-ion power system for up to 8.5 hours of continuous operation



B Series

Sokkia’s B series automatic levels feature enhanced reliability under all environmental conditions. Their rugged, compact bodies are tightly sealed against water, dust and humidity (IPx6). Quick setup, easy sighting and superior durability against vibration and shock ensure increased productivity.


  • Three magnification models: B20 – 32x; B30 – 28x; B40 – 24x
  • Precise, field-proven compensator
  • Horizontal angle measurement
  • Superior telescope with two-speed focus knob
  • Quick collimation with two horizontal motion knobs




The Planix 6 & 7

The Planix 6 has an 8-digit readout and operates up to 30 continuous hours using a rechargeable NiCad battery. Its features include selectable English or Metric scales, multiple measurement averaging, display hold, accumulative measurement, and electronic zero reset. A battery power saving provision automatically turns off the instrument when left inactive for more than three minutes.

The Planix 7 offers all of the features of the Planix 6, plus display of areas directly in terms of square centimeter, meters, inches, feet, or acres, plus provision for input of different X and Y scale factors.



  • Measure area, average, and cumulative total
  • LCD dsiplay with zero suppression
  • Accuracy better than 0.2%
  • Ideal for measuring elongated areas
  • Input separate X and Y scale (Planix 7 only)
  • Full numeric keypad (Planix 7 only)



Planix 10S

Compact, accurate and great looking the 10S ideal for quick and accurate determination of areas on blueprints, maps, photographs, drawings, and more. It combines area measurements function with the ability of a digitizer to measure straight lines by a simple two-point plot method and curved lines by continuous measurement.


  • Switch by line function lets you change from point mode (straight) to streaming (curves)
  • Total and average as you go
  • Measuring functions:  Area, line, and side Length(s)
  • Units of measurement:  in., ft., acre/yd, mm, cm, m, km
  • Measuring range:  Approximately 12 in. x 380 in. (300 mm x 10 m)
  • Measuring accuracy:  +/- 0.1% (4 in. x 4 in. area measurement)
  • Display:  16 character LCD on two lines
  • Minimum line reading: 0.05 mm
  • Power:  Internal NiMH battery providing 20 hours; or use AC charger/adapter