Machine Controls

 Bucket Sensor

With a combo of a Mss 300 Boom Sensor, MSS302 360° Bucket Sensor, and a MSS 301 Angle Sensor. Laser Catcher, 1D Control measures can be achieved. They mount to the tip of the bucket in any position while a cab mounted display shows real-time bucket position, depth, on grade indication, and measurements.

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2D Control (Rotation, Elevation)


The MRS 300 is a pitch, roll and direction bucket sensor used to determine the attitude of the excavator. While working, the accurate roll and pitch measurement from the MRS 300 easily compensates for the rolling and pitching motion of the machine to give the required cm-accuracy (sub-inch level). This allows 2D control to be established through the sensor.



The SP14 is a 2D Automatic laser control that incorporates a proportional valve to the hydraulic system to give the operator complete hands free blade control for elevation and tilt. Tolerances to 1/8” accuracy can be achieved with the Leica iCON grade iGD2 system installed on your dozer.


  • Fine grade with your bulldozer in 3rd gear
  • Maintain smoothness and accuracy at higher speeds
  • Flexibility to use SP Technology with GPS or total stations
  • Increases machine uptime (e.g. work through momentary GPS outages or short interruption of prism tracking)
  • Higher sensor availability with GNSS/GPS
  • Unmatched productivity that boosts your profitability
  • Reach target grade in less time

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3D Control (Position, Rotation, Elevation)

iCON gps 80

3D automatic control is achieved by adding a iCON gps 80 with antennas to the excavator/dozer.  3D GPS tolerances of 1/10’ is common with GNSS while tolerances of 1/8” are possible with TPS Technology. The GPS80 can be configured for grading and excavating with little hassel to set-up.

Increase the uptime of your dozers, excavators, drilling and dredging machines, wheel loaders, graders and pavers. Profit from fast, reliable 3D positioning and highly productive operation by a perfectly tuned machine control system.


  • Improved sensor integration into the machine solution for even more automatic handling, ease-of-use and speed of work
  • Increased performance and productivity – all parts of the system fit together seamlessly
  • CAN bus protocol especially designed for GNSS machine control, provides robust and reliable communication, more uptime
  • Flexible communication thanks to the built-in modem and removable radios
  • xRTK allows machine guidance in difficult environments, increasing machine productivity
  • SmartLink – bridges RTK communication gaps up to 10 minutes
  • Leica iCON telematics provides remote access to the machine computer for fast, perfect data transfer and support

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