Kespry Drones

Built simplistically for your complex data

Joysticks are not need nor used, so piloting skills are not needed, only a good pair of eyes are required. There are no SD Cards for you to fumble with or risk losing. As well, there are no complicated data conversion applications for post processing that you have to battle with. Your Simple Solutions, right?

Experience your automation and seamless integrations drone service and see how it can assist your business to reach greater milestones and achievements.

Easily create a mission with the supplied iPad and the touch of your finger. The Kespry Drone calculates the flight path and flies autonomously, using LiDAR sensors to avoid obstacles. The Kespry system manages the transfer and processing of data wirelessly within the platform. The Kespry Cloud makes high resolution photogrammetry and executive reporting available to you and your team within minutes.



Unlimited flights, unlimited storage

A single flight of high resolution data capture can mean many gigabytes of aerial data that can result in significant data storage costs for your business. Fly with Kespry, and that’s not a problem. The Kespry subscription model includes all running costs in one flat price. You can fly and capture data as often as you like knowing you have unlimited data storage in the Kespry Cloud. Even better, all data is backed up after upload and has built in redundancy. In short, the more you fly with Kespry, the better your data accuracy becomes and the more value you’ll see from your subscription.




The Drone

The Kespry Drone 2s is lightweight, durable, reliable, and one of the most advanced autonomous aerial data collection tools in the world. Built with a tough Sony UMC-R10C camera it has a large Exmor APS-C Sensor that captures 20 megapixels of color detail to accurately calculate volumes, precisely measure distance and angles, and safely identify hazards or damage. Kespry configures each camera to maximize image quality for specific job types. Geotagged high-resolution images are processed using photogrammetry in the Kespry cloud. A single orthomosaic image is created to deliver high quality topographic maps, dimensional and volumetric data, and rich business insights.

Tech Specs

Coverage: 150+ acres single flight
Resilience: 20 mph sustained wind/30 mph gusts
Flight time: 30 minutes, field swappable batteries
Image resolution: 20 megapixel camera
Network speed: 5 GHz Wi-Fi and LTE equipped
Weight: 2 kg
Radio link: 900 MHz
GSD: 1 mm – 2.5 cm (configuration dependent)


The Reciever

Along with the accurate aerial intelligence Kespry Drone 2s  is the high quality dual frequency GNSS receiver designed to eliminate multipath errors and mitigate electronic interferences common in industrial settings. Using PPK (Post Processed Kinematic), the system automatically processes field data at a new level of repeatable accuracy that serves a wide range of valuable professional applications, including topographic maps for design.




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